Shapcotts During the Time of the English Civil War


Cromwell and his Roundheads were determined

to seize power from King Charles and his Cavaliers.


The Puritans and the Presbyterians hated Charles

for his religious intolerance and the lack of understanding

of the hopes and aspirations of so many people.


For their part, the Puritans and Presbyterians had a heavy, rigid,

often joyless approach to matters of religion and daily life.

Generally speaking, although there were many exceptions:


The titled families and landed gentry supported the King.


Many merchants and commoners tended to support Cromwell.



It is the tragedy of Civil War that it divides family against family and sets brother against brother.


This was indeed the case with the Shapcotts.


The Shapcotts of Shapcott Barton in Knowstone were supporters of the King.


The Shapcotts of Bradninch were for Cromwell.














Thomas Shapcote of Knowstone (born 1586)


Robert Shapcott of Bradninch (born 1620)


The Conflict in the County of Devonshire


Life Under Cromwell’s Rule


The Misfortunes of Thomas Shapcote & Family


More About Robert Shapcott of Bradninch



The Late Rev. LEONARD SHAPCOTT of New Zealand  
supplied much of the information contained in this Section.




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