The Misfortunes of Thomas Shapcott and Family


Thomas Shapcote and his son Philip, of Knowstone/Exeter, were to be accused of being "delinquents" (or "malignants").

They were required to present a complete and accurate account of all their lands and other assets, which were considerable.


Thomas Shapcote, gent. and Attorney at Law

possessed the ancestral home of "Shapcott" (Shapcott Barton)
which had a net income of £45 per year.












He was also Lord of the Manor at East Knowstone.


The total income from Knowstone


In addition he received the tithes from the large parish of Ashburton, worth £110 per year.

Altogether he had an estate worth £575 . 8 shillings . 8 pence - a very large sum for those days.
His legal practise in Exeter must also have been quite lucrative.

Thomas was fined one tenth of two year’s value of his estates which they calculated at £328.

In 1651 the Committee summoned him before them and ordered him to pay a further £300

but for some reason he was let off this additional burden.

His son Philip who had served the King and made no secret of his "delinquency" was fined only £40.

Thomas once again took up his legal practice at Exeter.

Urith, his wife died in 1660 and was buried in Exeter Cathedral.

Thomas Shapcote died in 1665 and was buried beside her.

His son Philip Shapcote died at Knowstone at the great age of 82 years in 1703.

He had been Recorder at South Molton for 45 years


Town Clerk of Plymouth for three years


and Deputy Recorder of Totnes in 1681

Philip Shapcote was married four times:

(1) to Hannah Tuckerin, at Barnstaple in 1649. She died in 1653/54.

(2) to Anne Martyn at Stoke Damerel in 1660.

(3) to Catherine Bowden at the Faculty Office (London?) in 1668.

(4) to Elizabeth Courtenay


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